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A multimedia performance combining the human body with a moving stage, video art and interactive music.


The dialogue of lively dance with the machinery of modern technology in such dimensions is a novelty even for such a progressive scene as the Dance Studio Theatre, Slovakia. The perceptive spectator can look forward to a multimedia performance bringing together the energies of bodies, stage, video art and interactive music. The dancer becomes part of the set, speaker and projection surface at the same time.

Choreography, concept, direction: Stanislav Dobak / Motionhouse

Music, set design: Ladislav Pálmai

Lighting design: Ján Čief



Bartosz Przybylski (Poland)

Tibor Trulik (Slovakia)

Michaela Mirtová (Slovakia)

Jason Yap (Malaysia)

Julie Charalambidou (Cyprus)

Kristína Kollárová (Slovakia)

Premiered: 2020 at Divadlo Štúdio Tanca

Production: Divadlo Štúdio Tanca


This project was realised with the financial support granted for interdisciplinary art projects by the Slovak art council.

(Fond na podporu umenia)

Financially supported by Bannskobystrický Samosprávny Kraj, Slovakia

Photos ©Vlado Veverka

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