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Extant is a real-time film that examines the juxtapositional meeting of performance and the often invisible but essential complexities of ‘the making of’. Extant presents audiences with a contiguous view of reality and the sphere presented through camera, and the dichotomies inherent in the representation of our current social landscape.


Through the meeting of movement and camera, time is at the core of this interdisciplinary performance. In Extant (still in existence), audiences are taken on a journey that examines phases of life, memories and the inevitable constant of time inherent through a physical representations of the relationship between people and the planet. Using a hands-on approach in the creation of a series of short film scenes, dance and camera meet within the performance space and engages the narrative through perspective. 


Extant was born from the idea of searching for a relationship between dance and camera that goes beyond scenography but plays an integral role in the creative process and performance. The role of the camera plays an integral part in our daily lives, but in dance we felt that the relationship needed further investigation that goes beyond a 2D documentation. What is often forgotten is the pure magic this 2 dimensional world offers. Our focus and passion to create interdisciplinary works goes further than the pairing of media but searches for a deeper intertwining that demolished any boundaries. The audience is invited into the making of truly unique experience - a live cinema experience, a film studio, a dance performance, a film study and more. 

The Film

Extant is a reflective essay on the rhythm of nature and the constant of time from the inception of birth and beyond. Interspersed with imagery of the known and unknown universe, it explores the balance humans have with nature and themes that are anchored in our existence. By placing the audience at the centre of this universe, the film explores chapters of life from birth, growth, memories, grief and grace with the natural world. In an attempt to understand the perception of time, birth opens the first scene leaving remnants of growth throughout the film. There is a constant reminder of time that carries into the seamless scene of continuous motion through time and space. We are reminded by our temporary existence in our relationship with nature, that nature is indifferent to us. It keeps on going, doing, creating, destroying and dying. There is tension in this relationship that may be beyond repair. Can we leave this earth the way we found it? And as humans find themselves lost in the modern world through life’s most arduous lessons of grief and suffering, we are faced with questions of our eternity. Through phases of our lives, time carries us beyond the known, and what we are left with is a body of memories.

Photos by Katarina Baranyai and Motionhouse

Concept: Jamie Lee

Choreography, performance: Jamie Lee, Stanislav Dobák

Film Director: Jamie Lee

Director of Photography: Stanislav Dobák

Aerial Cinematographer: Stanislav Dobák

1st Camera Assistant, Gaffer, Key grip: Bartosz Przybylski

Production Assistant, Stand in, Producer: Kristína Chmelíková

Music Composer: Lászlo Pálmai

Head Technician: Milan Slama

Set production: Christoff Laurent

Stand in, Light & props Assistance: Vilma Vesely, Gréta Galková, Samuel Borsík, Emir Ural


Co-production: fond na podporu umenia (The Art Support Fund Slovakia), Záhrada - Center for Independent Culture, Skok - Physical arts, Motionhouse/Jamie Lee & Stanislav Dobak

Residency Studio Thor Bruxelles. 

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