Dreams has been presented in a wide variety of spaces from abandoned buildings to galleries. July 2015 we Premiered 'Dreams' at Kiosk Festival in Zilina Slovakia in an abandoned electical power plant.


'Dreams' is an ongoing installation of dance films and photography based on our dreams. We are recreating some of the peculiar, surreal, and unforgettable successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur in our minds during sleep. The world of dreams is intimately and intricately connected with our own, but is completely unpredictable. We enter this world every night and yet can never fully explain it. Just as in a dream, You will not necessarily understand the logic of what happens, but - we hope - will connect to it on a deeper level, something lying beneath the logic of the everyday. We invite the viewer to have their own interpretations of our dreams and perhaps open up the path to share their own dreams with one another. 


This particular series is focused on the darker side of dreams by Jamie Lee. There is a feeling that these dreams leave in the memory that is somehow more vivid in its emotions and the vision is clearer to recreate.We are exploring the varying natures of these stories our subconscious tells us, unhindered as it is by the social context which exercises such a heavy influence on our waking lives. In dreams we are not afraid of taboos; we do not question what is reasonable, proper, polite. We play with optical and magical illusions, and with the manipulation of gravity, space, time, and light, to create an atmosphere in which the boundaries of reality are blurred. We like to question the eye, that supreme logic of vision - can you really believe what you see? - and challenge the delicate balance between perception and the subconscious mind. 


This first series is filmed in Belgium, Slovakia, and Australia.


Jamie Lee: Director, Producer, & Dancer

Stanislav Dobak: Producer, Camera Operator, Editor, Technician 

Cast: Jamie Lee, Daisy Phillips, Victoria Perez, Anuschka Von Oppen,

Janet Novas, Passerelle dancers

Sound Composition: James Brown, Jozef Vlk



Charleroi Danses (Belgium) 

Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, (Slovakia)

Slovakia MInistry of Culture

Artist in Residence: VormingsCentrum Destelheide (Belgium)

Danseur festival (BE), Kiosk Festival Zilina (SK), Cinedans festival (NL) and Festival International de Video Danse de Bourgogne, Out of Balance expo, Destelheide (BE) and Choreographic Captures Joint Ventures 60 second competition 3rd prize 2016 (DE).