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EXTANT at Fondation Blan 

We were invited to create a in-situ adaptation of Extant at the galleries of Fondation Blan during Artonov Interdisciplinary arts festival in Brussels 2023. Extant was exposed in the gallery as we utilised the space in its fullest capacity, embracing the open doors and multiple levels in the absence of theatre lights. 

Concept: Jamie Lee 

Choreography, performance: Jamie Lee, Stanislav Dobák 

Film Director:  Jamie Lee 

Director of Photography, Aerial Cinematographer: Stanislav Dobák 

Camera assistants:  Charlie Cattrall, Naomi Nantois Meadows

Music Composer:  Lászlo Pálmai  

Co-production: fond na podporu umenia (The Art Support Fund Slovakia), Záhrada - Center for Independent Culture, Skok! - Physical Arts, Motionhouse/Jamie Lee & Stanislav Dobak, Residency Studio Thor Bruxelles.

© DYOD - 

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