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Imagine a world where the simplest of pleasures are not longer part of our freedom. From living to maintain the materials that mainstream culture has inflicted on our wants and needs, to the complete extinction of the human ability for critical thinking. Leading to the disconnection humans have with nature and the eventual stripping away of humanity all for the growth of the industrial complex. Humans become ponds of a system. A system that is no longer working for humans, but humans working for the system. 


A film by Jamie Lee and Stanislav Dobak 


Concept / script by Jamie Lee 

Cinematography by Stanislav Dobak 

Editor: Jamie Lee

Online edit / colour: Stanislav Dobak 

Music by Lester Arias Vizcuña

Production assistant: Britt Lemmens

Coodinator: Elena Decock

Assistant: Leto Keunen

A Production of Danspunt, Passerelle and fABULEUS 

Co-production: CC Muze, C-mine culture centrum, Culture centrum Hasselt, CC Casino, Culture centrum De Adelberg, CC Maasmechelen, CC de VELINX.

Broadcast premiere on Podium19 2020

Premiere at Dannstorm Festival Kortrijk 2021


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Watch Moteur Sychrone by Motionhouse Jamie Lee & Stanislav Dobak
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