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Encounters is a multi-disciplined laboratory series that fosters the investigation, research and experimentation of art forms and challenges conventions of practice, test new pathways and approaches. Derived from a place of curiosity to invade categorisation, this creative laboratory will use dance movement as the canvas to interlink a physical exploration and develop a narrative series of experimentation through human encounters.

The carefully curated encounters will bring together dancers and artists from a range of disciplines who may have never worked with the human body and vice-versa. The lab is catered for the risk-taker and the curious who have a keenness to push boundaries and cross-pollinate art forms. Encounters aims to discover and possibly reinvent approaches to create choreography and how we visualise it as well as exploring how body movement can propel other media.

We will celebrate failures as part of the journey and reflect upon the world exchange, connect and respond.

Contact us if you would like to have an Encounter with us 

Photos by Katarína Baranyai


The body we have today is our living history, a vehicle and storage place of our past. History of our thoughts, emotions, experiences and actions accumulate in the body. Our history makes us who we are and how we operate the body. How do we past all these impressions which manifest in our body? Are we really moving with present emotions or are we holding onto a feeling or memory of the past. To truly be ourselves, we need to be present and take shapes which one can relate to themselves at the present moment. 


This workshop will encourage one to find themselves in their movement while also broadening the landscape of their body to take new forms. Without projecting muscle memories prematurely the only way to take new forms is to listen and allow the body to guide the mind into the next. 


Extant opens its doors to a wide range of artists. Our goal is to create an interdisciplinary group that is diverse and inclusive. During this immersive workshop, we co-create and perform together, fostering collaboration and creativity across various artistic disciplines. Join us to explore new ideas, develop your skills, and contribute to a vibrant community of artists dedicated to innovative and inclusive artistic expression.

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