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#dance #danceandtechnology
#sensors #augmentedreality

The society in which we live today fear is a present stimulus. Fear is a malignant infection which travels from one to another. An essential part of our survival mechanism anchored in our body to keep us safe, however the dangers of living in constant fear, your system flooding with corrosive hormones can damage health and affect the way we think and influence the decisions we make. The anticipation of terror affects our behaviour and minds cultivating an infectious negative barrier in our ability to reason. Negative minds get trapped into labyrinth which passes behaviours from one to another and often without us realising. An emotional experience altering moods, temperament and personality even resulting in psychological distress. The surge of fear cultivating as a living organism. The body becomes another. The ability to change form and take shape in a body not our own but by influences of the environment in which we put ourselves in. ​

A collaboration with Jamie Lee, Ofer Smilanksy and Stanislav Dobak. A real-time trio performance of movement, light and sound in agreeable accordance explores the bodies response to fear as a infectious malignant. The breath triggers exposing light specific force in movement creates a soundscape and the dancer visible traces. Dis-ease does not shy away from creating an afflicting experience. A sensory performance from the ground up the audience experiences the temblor of sound, caliginous environments and transmittable visual affects. 

Dance: Jamie Lee

Sound, Light Design, Technology: Ofer Smilanksy

Co-creator: Stanislav Dobak

Premiered: February 2018 Záhrada - centrum nezávislej kultúry

Production: SKOK!

Co-production: Záhrada - centrum nezávislej kultúry


This project was realised with the financial support granted for interdisciplinary art projects by the Slovak art council.

(Fond na podporu umenia)

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