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#dancefilm #musicvideo

When we first listened to Dante we were instantly transported by its profound ability to evoke emotions and sensations akin to nature's beauty. It stirred something within us, moving us deeply. Inspired by this visceral connection, we sought to translate our experience into a short film. And there we go, the narrative of the film Dante was born: what if, instead of running, we danced? This simple yet powerful concept became the driving force behind our film, capturing the essence of Dante's music and the transformative power of movement.

We are transported into a dream-like state in which we do not run, but dance. The original music composed by Echo Collective takes us on a journey through landscapes where time disappears and we are drawn into nature.

Production:  Motionhouse asbl

Directed/Edited by Jamie Lee

Director of Photography by Stanislav Dobak 

Music by Echo Collective 

Starring Laura Aris

Production assistant Louise Tanoto

Camera assistant Kevin Tieku

Special thanks to La Ferme du Château de Corroy

‘Dante’ is one of the musical pieces from the album. It is a powerful, immersive, and emotive musical creation crafted by this Belgian collective. The captivating music video masterfully directed by Jamie Lee, presents a subtle yet powerful visual narrative that manages to create a symbiosis between music and imagery that flows harmoniously."

Mundane Magazine 2024 
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