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Jamie Lee and Stanislav Dobak art and activism

We are interdisciplinary creators, collaborators and storytellers who search for inspiration from the world around us. From the humans that take refuge on the land, to the current social and cultural landscape and examines how we connect within this sphere. 


Motionhouse is our home base for creativity, dreaming, doing, exchange and most importantly connecting with people. Our goal is to make space for new conversations and work in a way that dissolves art form boundaries and cross-pollinate audiences. We believe that art is how we reflect upon the world, to exchange, to connect, rage and respond. Our artistic practice fosters the culture of collaboration through research and experimentation of art forms and challenges conventions of practice to test new pathways and approaches. It is derived from a place of curiosity to invade categorisation and use dance movement as the canvas to interlink a physical exploration.

We create through dance and choreography. We make dance through the lens of the camera. We create experiences through installations. We make documentaries that shine the light on inspiring humans and important issues. We produce podcasts and collaborate with grass roots organisations to amplify voices. For more information about our impact media visit Nexage

Jamie Lee is a Canadian born, Australian raised Malaysian dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, producer, artistic advisor.

Stanislav Dobak is a Slovakian dancer, choreographer, camera operator, drone operator, steady cam operator 

We are based in Brussels, Belgium 

Photo: Orsi Varga
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