Jamie Lee (AUS)     Stanislav Dobak (SK)

Motionhouse is a film production company focusing on social and cultural documentaries that inspire change in the way we live. 

We are both multi-disciplined artists. We started our careers as dancers and performing artists, to visual creators, movement consultants, to photographers and eventually committing our lives to filmmaking inspired by our deep passion in activism. Giving a voice to those who are not heard, sharing stories that encourage critical thinking about the social, political and economical infrastructures that are set in place in our efforts to inspire positive change and end those who posses greedy hands at the sake of others.  

We continue to be inspired by cross media collaborations to cross-pollinate ideas, art forms and audiences constantly pushing the boundaries that define what 'art' is.  

Memoryhouse is a sister platform focusing on performative works that explores dance movement through collaboration of different media. 

We often find that these two platforms fuse together creating something very unique.