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Motionhouse is a non-profit organisation dedicated to telling stories through art creations. Our goal is to make space for new conversations and work in a way that dissolves art form boundaries and cross-pollinate audiences. We believe that art is how we reflect upon the world, to exchange, to connect, rage and respond. Our artistic practice fosters the culture of collaboration through research and experimentation of art forms and challenges conventions of practice to test new pathways and approaches. It is derived from a place of curiosity to invade categorisation and use dance movement as the canvas to interlink a physical exploration. 

Our dedication lies in crafting interdisciplinary dance creations tailored for diverse spaces, from theatre, museums, galleries, living rooms, the basement of abandoned power plants, to the small and large screen. We transport  audiences into virtual realms, realms of imagination and the depths of personal dreams and memories. Embracing technology, we use it to propel choreography forward, drawing inspiration from boundless possibilities and encounters with innovators, all in pursuit of creating new works that resonate with audiences across borders.


Jamie Lee is a Canadian born, Australian raised Malaysian heritage dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, produce and artistic advisor. Her work centres around storytelling, impact and amplifying voices through films and art works. 

Stanislav Dobak (Stano) is a Slovakian born dancer, choreographer, camera operator, drone operator and more recently steady cam operator. Loosely known as the "dancing camera-man",  he is dedicated his current intersection as a dancer and camera filmmaker. ​

We are based in Brussels, Belgium.

As a collective, they also run a film agency called Nexage that focuses on impact media.

Jamie Lee is a dancer, choreographer and filmmaker
Stanislav Dobak is a dancer, choreographer and cinematographer
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