In post-production

That smell, that familiar smell. What is it? 

It’s like that feeling when you want to say something but you forget the word. What’s that called again? I can’t focus. I look around and everyone is working at warp speed. I take a deep breath to try to remain calm and finish the task but it seems like the more I try to focus the more I sweat and fall behind. I mustn’t fall behind.

The next shift is already beginning, I can hear the shuffling through the metal floors. The exhaustion is taking its toll and I begin to make mistakes in the line. 

“Concentrate!” I say to myself. I wonder what the time is, maybe it’s break soon. 

That smell again, what is it? 

Right hand, shift, left foot, left hand, shift, right foot, concentrate, breath and repeat. 

How much longer? It must be break soon, or did we break already. I can’t remember. I want to rest for a moment, just a moment, take in a deep breath but I can’t, we must continue the line. The line mustn’t stop. 

Imagine a world where the simplest of pleasures are not longer part of our freedom. From living to maintain the materials that mainstream culture has inflicted on our wants and needs, to the complete extinction of the human ability for critical thinking. Leading to the disconnection humans have with nature and the eventual stripping away of humanity all for the growth of the industrial complex. Humans become ponds of a system. A system that is no longer working for humans, but humans working for the system. 


A film by Jamie Lee and Stanislav Dobak 


Concept / script by Jamie Lee 

Cinematography by Stanislav Dobak 

Editor: Jamie Lee

Online edit / colour: Stanislav Dobak 

Music by Lester Arias Vizcuña

Production assistant: Britt Lemmens

Coodinator: Elena Decock

Assistant: Leto Keunen

A Production of Danspunt, Passerelle and fABULEUS 

Co-production: CC Muze, C-mine culture centrum, Culture centrum Hasselt, CC Casino, Culture centrum De Adelberg, CC Maasmechelen, CC de VELINX.

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