Motionhouse is a film and photography collective based in Brussels, Belgium.

Motionhouse creates, capture and shares stories to inspire positive change in the way we live our lives and the way we treat each other.  Bringing awareness to social and cultural issues to inspire change, support minority communities and give a voice to the stories that need to be heard. 

We work with NGO's, charities and organisations. 

How much does FEAR affect your BEHAVIOUR? 







Zaid is part on an ongoing project that highlights the often unspoken but timely topic of fear. The society in which we live today fear is a present stimulus travelling from one to another without us realising how much fear has affected our behaviour. It is an essential part of our survival mechanism anchored in our body to keep us safe, however the dangers of living in constant fear, your system flooding with corrosive hormones can damage health and affect the way we think and influence the decisions we make. The anticipation of terror affects our behaviour and mind cultivating an infectious negative barrier in our ability to reason. 

As a society, have we become victim to the impact of media outlets and online sources propagating information by probing our needs, hopes and fears to shape public opinion and behaviour?

Check Memoryhouse productions for 'Dis-ease', an exploratory performance about fear and its invisible threat to society. 

LAPSUS for  Errorigiudiziari with Iris Bouche.
The film is promoting awareness to the public that every year in Italy there are over a thousand instances of justice miscarriage 

THE YOGA INDUSTRY  - in development

With an estimated market worth of 80 billion dollars and around 300 million practitioners worldwide, the yoga business is booming. But how much remains of yoga's cultural roots now that it has become a global phenomenon? Is the world of yoga truly as blissful as it appears, or is there corruption hiding behind the surface?


Behind the wholesome image of yoga as presented today, lies an industry no different to many others. Fuelled by ego, greed, and power lies the dark side of yoga, the part no one wants to talk about.